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Scrapbooking Secrets Handbook by Alison McGregor

scrapbooking secrets
Posted On: 2007-08-15

The Scrapbooking Secrets book was designed to teach you everything there is to know about scrapbooking. Since originally designed to be used in schools, it also gives you a short history as to the origins of scrapbooking. In the past photo albums were very popular, but can also be boring for other people whereas scrapbooks portrays your memory, moods and history sufficiently to make for interesting reading.

For the beginner, scrapbooking can be chaotic resulting in a botched first attempt. You will be taught simple methods to organize yourself thereby letting your imagination flow, getting the proper materials and tools. Your first scrapbook can be started with very little and you can add more techniques and tools as you progress.

The book goes into a good deal of detail in this section, not just sketching briefly over things but offering professional insight to help you make the right choices. There's even several links to online scrapbook stores and a useful page on cost-effective storage solutions.

Just getting started and where to get ideas from can be a daunting process. The Scrapbooking Secrets book is full of useful information to help you where to get ideas, from choosing a theme, getting help if you come across things you're having trouble with, making scrapbooks for others, layout techniques etc. The list is a long and comprehensive one, detailing everything you need to know, not only to get started in scrapbooking, but also how to prepare your photos, paper, albums etc.

You will also be shown how to take your scrapbooking to professional levels with techniques like embossing and fraying, and embellishing ideas like adding ribbons, feathers or faux wax seals. This is a favorite with school kids in that they can really go to town using their imagination with their scrapbooking projects.

Inside you will find a wealth of themes, covered in great detail, to help you, from creating wedding albums, family heritage, baby (part 1,2 & 3), holiday scrapbook, pregnancy, school, graduation and much more.

Lastly the book finishes with a look at the new trend of digital scrapbooking and the wealth of new avenues that this method is creating for Scrapbookers as an emerging income potential to create a thriving business out of this hobby.

This handbook is well illustrated and the writing style is conversational and friendly, not school room style. The knowledge is conveyed in such a manner that you will remember it effortlessly and create excitement as you read and study the material.

Included with the Scrapbooking Secrets handbook is a digital scrapbooking kit and two bonus titles to get you going. A standard version without any extras can also be purchased.

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