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Assembly Instructions For Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Terms Of Use : All kit contents and other (DigScrB) products are the exclusive property of DigScrB, and as such, protected by copyright laws. By purchasing a kit, elements, layouts, etc., you are purchasing a license to use these products for PERSONAL, NON COMMERCIAL use and agree to these terms. You may not share, loan or redistribute DigScrB designs products and/or art. DigScrB products may not be used for the purpose of web design or templates, albums, eBay product pages or eBay about me pages, cards or any type of art that will be used for the purpose of selling or generating income. However, you MAY submit your layouts using DigScrB designs to magazines and other publications that grant prizes (money or gifts) for selection as long as proper credit is given.

QUICK TIPS : Use a dry glue to stick down your printed pages since wet glues will bubble your pages. For a fun and polished look, use a corner rounder to trim the corners of your pages. You can buy this gadget at any craft store.

BE CREATIVE : While these albums are Ready to go and require no additional embellishing etc., you can STILL have fun with them and make them your own!. If you have an album with 20 pages, re-use some of the pages at intervals, or create more pages with the elements provided.

SETUP INSTRUCTIONS : Here are some basic step-by-step instructions for putting together your digi kits . . .
First things first . . . Load your album pages into your photo editing software. If you don't have any photo editing software, don't worry, we have sourced just the package for you, and it's Free !! . . .

Download PaintDotNet
To see how easy it is to use the kits, go to the digi kit tutorial : Using digi kits. Before you rush ahead, I think it's a good idea to decide what type of album you want to create. This should help you determine what SIZE it should be, how you print your album pages and on what type of paper.

PRINTING : By now you should have at least worked through the "How to use digi kits" tutorials and be comfortable with setting up your album pages. After resizing your photo album pages and inserting your photos, you are now ready to print. Use the print function of your photo editing software.

Generally, if I am going to create an "altered" album (i.e. board book, accordion album, etc.), I would print my layouts at home on heavyweight, premium matte photo paper. Personally, I just think this goes better with these types of albums as opposed to lustre or glossy finished pages. For ease of assembly, make your prints slightly smaller than the page or board that you are going to adhere it to. So, keep this in mind when printing. For example : if my album is 8x8, I would probably print my pages at about 7¾ x 7¾".

If you are printing the pages to go into a scrapbook album with page protectors, then your photo paper should have a lustre finish. In this scenario you would have your pages printed at the actual size of your protector sheets. With the right printer you can print directly onto your 12 x12" paper thereby saving you time and money !! Failing that, use your photo editing software to cut your paper into strategic sections, ie. on the paper or image borders. Save as separate files. Print these sections. Since you are using photo editing software the paper cuts will be perfectly aligned and registered. Adhere these cuts onto a 12x12" sheet using a dry adhesive, similar to what you would be doing with hand cut and decorated scrapbook pages.

If your cuts are nice and straight, once glued butt-on, it would be hard to tell the difference between a straight print and your sectioned print. If you don't wish to do this, burn a CD with all your album pages in JPEG format and take it to a photo print lab to make you archival quality prints. Below are some examples illustrating my point with the ruler switched on.

My Precious kit illustration - fig 1

fig 1 - album page sized from
12 x 12" down to 11½ x 11½"
My Precious kit illustration - fig 2

fig 2 - album page cut to
8¼ x 11½" to fit A4 size
My Precious kit illustration - fig 3

fig 3 - cutout section : 3¼ x 11½"

To achieve the paper cuts digitally is easy. First make sure that you are working with a copy and not the original finished pages. You should create a print folder within your working folder and copy all your completed album pages into this folder.
  1. Open the page to be cut from the File menu.
  2. Switch on the rulers from the View menu.
  3. Choose the section to be cut out. Always try to cut on image borders as shown in the above examples. The cut could be horizontal or vertical.
  4. Make your cut : Select the marquee rectangle tool from the toolbox on your left and mark your section. You will see the section marked as marching ants. If you have added a lot of layers, you may have to flatten the layers first, before making your cut, as described in Step 9 of the tutorial : Using digi kits, unless you are cutting a 300ppi resolution JPEG print file image directly.
  5. Copy the cutout onto the clipboard. Select Edit from the menu bar, then Cut. Your cutout has now been placed onto the clipboard.
  6. Paste cutout onto a new canvas. Select New from the File menu and open a new empty canvas. The canvas size assumes the dimension of the cutout on the clipboard. Select Paste from the Edit menu and copy the cutout from the clipboard onto your canvas. Voila, you've done it !!
  7. Save to new file. Save the cutout in JPEG format to your print folder under a new name using Save As from the File menu. Repeat the above steps for the remaining section.
When you close the file that you used to cut from, the system will ask you if you want to save your changes. Answer NO. This way you preserve the original file.

It should now be obvious to you that you can Save using digital kits. If you need decorative paper to cut, instead of buying the sheets, create and print it digitally !! Using digital kits will always be cheaper, whatever method you use to get your printing done !! Calculate the cost to make a 20 page album with plenty of decorative pages the standard way. Digital Scrapbooking will beat any method hands down every time and the Time Saving is infathomable !!

ASSEMBLY : Your album pages are printed and you a rearing to go . . .

Assembly Step 1

fig 4 - using a guillotine to trim album pages
The next step is trim away any excess paper around the layout. You can use a paper trimmer/cutter, plain scissors, or even a straight edge/ruler and a utility knife if you do not have a paper trimmer. If you choose to use an album with sheet protectors your work is basically done after you print/trim the layouts or have them printed! At that point, you simply insert them into the page protectors and VOILA! A perfectly finished album!!!

If you had sectioned your album pages and need to adhere it to your 12 x 12" paper or board book album, use a dry glue/adhesive. DRY glues works soooo much better than wet or liquid glues! My favourites are the Dotto Runners and Xyron Cheetahs. I like the Xyron because it is wider and goes on quickly! Super easy to cover a large area! Run the adhesive around all outside edges as close to the edge as possible.

After glueing, place the layouts in the book/album by carefully centering the layout on the page, putting it in place and then smoothing it down from one edge to the other.

Assembly Step 2

fig 5 - Using photo corners
Assembly Step 3

fig 6 - Using dry glue runner
Assembly Step 4

fig 7 - Adhering resized page
to board book

EMBELLISHING : Once you have adhered all of the pages, either you are FINISHED, OR, you could move to the next step of EMBELLISHING. This is soooo much fun and a great way to make each and every album unique! You can use things like ribbons, buttons, jewels, keepsakes, memorabilia, brads, eyelets, paints, inks, stamps, flowers and so much more to further embellish your album! Of course, your album is beautiful even without the extra stuff! So, choose how far you want to take it!

Most of us even have items around our house that could be used! From something as simple as a stapler, to buttons and beads and silk flowers! The possibilities are endless! Just use your imagination!

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