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Scrapbooking Articles : Working With Charms

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Charming Example

Charming Example.

Adding Charms
Submitted : February 2005 by Charity Hassel.

Most of us have used a charm in at least one of our layouts. Charms are a fun way to add a little kick to your page. I found a lot of really great charms lately - and not in a scrapbook store!

Wine charms are great as an embellishment! I was trying to find a fun little gift for Valentine's Day and I ran across some Valentine's wine charms. Hmmm, I thought. Look in your local stores for different wine charms- some have cute themes, like flowers, beach, etc.

I used the entire charm on the page I have included in this article. I printed Digital journaling on strips, punched holes in the strips and attached the charms with ribbon through the holes.

You can loop your charm through the hole of a tag, tie a ribbon across a page and attach a charm to it, or use it as a pull for hidden journaling.

Attach a wine charm to a slide mount or small picture frame for a little dangle! If you really like the charm, but not the loop part of the wine charm just use a wire cutter and remove the charm piece! So, maybe you can try a layout with a little wine charm

Happy Scrapping !

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