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Bonus Extras Exclusive To

Scapbooking Titles & Phrases
Nearly 10,000 Captions, Titles, Phrases and Ideas to make your Scrapbook project unique.

A title helps to establish the mood or set the tone for the layout. It also tells
the reader about the mood of the day or event.

Retails At $12.87.
Best Poems Collection
Poems and scrapbooking go hand-in-hand and are used by Scrapbookers all the time. Poems are used to express the mood or theme of your pictures and memories.

This book contains many
categories with over 150 poems to choose from.

Retails At $11.67.
Introduction To Photography
Once you start scrapbooking, taking photos is never quite the same again. This book will teach you all about photography and show you special techniques when taking photographs for your scrapbook. Some of the topics covered include portraits,
landscaping, outdoors, and night photography.

Retails At $11.57.
Scapbook Training in MP3 Format
In our busy daily schedule it is sometimes easier to listen than to read while we're on the move.

We have compiled a number of popular topic snippets in MP3 format for downloading.
This is a great way to accelerate your learning.

Retails At $15.27.

If you order Scrapbooking Secrets now,
you will receive all of this for FREE!

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