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Scrapbooking Secrets

Make stunning scrapbooks. Choose your themes with confidence. Plenty case studies included on how to create popular scrapbooking themes, from wedding planning to family, baby, vacational, heritage to name a few. Learn latest techniques and trends.

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Making Heritage Scrapbooks
Making a scrapbook of your heritage is a wonderfully creative way to tell your family story. Each page brings your ancestors alive to your scrapbook viewers.

Protecting Your Memorabilia
Protecting your photos and historical items are as important as knowing your skin care products. Handled carefully, your memorabilia can look it's best even after years of display.

Finding Your Niche
If you don't have a scrapbooking niche or design style you'll be unaware of what type of scrapbook you would enjoy creating. Finding new ideas for page layouts, styles, colouring can sometimes be hard until you develop your own design style.

Adding Charms
Most of us have used a charm in at least one of our layouts. Charms are a fun way to add a little kick to your page.

Existing Layout Adaptation
When you see a wonderful album page layout, there's no reason why you shouldn't reuse it! And there's no worry that your album will look the same page after page since the theme that you have chosen probably require different sets of embellishments.

Cropping Suggestions
In scrapbooking, the term cropping means cutting away or covering up that which is not wanted. This term also means an evening of scrapbooking with friends or fellow scrapbookers. In this artocle we'll address the cropping of photos where the term originated from.

What Is Scrapbooking
In our Digital Scrapbooking Neighbourhood we won't define what a scrapbook should be for you. But we will show you what it is to others, hoping to help you develop your own purpose and style and we will inform you of products, tools, stores, and services.

Digitizing Scrapbook Pages
Taking pictures of your scrapbook pages with your digital camera is the quickest and easiest way to share them electronically.

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