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Scrapbooking Articles : Layout Adaptation

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Girl Themed Layout

Girl Themed Layout.

Changed To Boy Themed

Changed To Boy Themed.

Layout Theme Adaption
Submitted : Oct 24 2004 by Jessica Hunt.

It's Saturday night, all your friends have been invited to your "Midnight Madness Cropping Party". You've got everything you need to get those photos of your son's first day at school cropped, matted and into an album.

You've got everything you need, that is, except an idea.

Here you are, all ready to go, and not a single page idea springs to mind. You flip through your ideas book, checked your "moods board" for inspiration, but all you see is girl pages. You don't want girl pages...wait a minute! Why not take a girl-themed layout and, well, turn it into a boy's layout ?

After all, when you see a good thing, like a wonderful album page layout, there's no reason why you shouldn't reuse it! And there's no worry that your album will look the same page after page. What's the trick ? By using different paper patterns and colours, you can recycle the same layout for themes as diverse as wedding and Halloween, Christmas and Easter, and yes, even between girl and boy themes.

Take a look at these two pages. Even side by side it's tough to see that they share the same layout. In fact, the only thing that was changed was the paper. The same colour and block layouts were used for both pages. Each layout has three tags. They even share the same font. Yet while the funky retro paper definitely says "13-year-old GIRL ", the same arrangement on bright blue and yellow papers makes the second layout all BOY.

One Golden Rule for scrappers is to always mat your photos onto a solid paper before placing them on a patterned background. The same goes for journaling and other elements too. A simple mat will do wonders to keep the patterned paper from overwhelming your photo. Other than that, "just about anything goes!"

When it comes to adapting, sometimes it's just a matter of looking at a page in a different light. Next time you see a page you like, think about what it is that attracted you to it. It could just be a matter of changing the photos and the paper!"

I hope you find this tip helpful !

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